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N7817 McCabe Rd Whitewater

7 Bedroom 2 Bath 80 Acres! $1,200,000

  • 1 hour
  • N7817 McCabe Rd Whitewater

Service Description

While the farmhouse whispers tales of yesteryears, it's the expansive land that beckons with endless possibilities. Here, you have the privilege to shape your own haven, be it cultivating the land for agricultural pursuits, riding the established recreational trails, or simply preserving its pristine charm. In a world where open spaces are a diminishing luxury, this property offers a rare chance to own a piece of the untouched wilderness. Embrace the opportunity to create your legacy, where the land itself is the focal point, and every moment spent within its embrace becomes a testament to the beauty of nature's splendor.

Contact Details

+ 608.352.0802

2nd Floor 26 South Jackson Street, Janesville, WI, USA

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